St. Raphael Artotheke Munich // Kunstgalerie in Schwabing

St. Raphael Artotheke Munich // Kunstgallerie in SchwabingI’ve never been much into art – at least not the kind you go to galleries and museums for. But since my oldest childhood friend Angela Geisenhofer is having her first proper exhibition in Munich, I obviously had to check it out!

And was honestly already a bit creeped out when I entered the „gallery“ in an old pharmacy in the old artisan neighbourhood Schwabing in Munich. But at the same time I was fascinated by the out-of-the- box concept of the whole thing, and all the little details that only really came through when you took a deeper look. Like my friend’s piece: a video of a deserted swimming pool that seems empty at the first look, but thrives off old memories when you look a little closer.

Fully underground as it is, there’s no website or anything and probably already the next thing going on, but if you care to get a little creeped out and fascinated as well, head on over to Hohenzollernstr. 59, behind the bus/tram stop Kurfürstenplatz!

And while we’re talking ’bout art – there’s a nice little project going on on Facebook these days: „Occupy Facebook with art to counter all the selfies“. If you’d like to join, simply like someone’s post on this – if you don’t have any friends participating yet, you’re very welcome to like mine!

St. Raphael Artotheke Munich // Kunstgalerie in Schwabing

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