Shifting Perspective ~ The Joys of Juicing


Joys of Juicing-Carrot Apple Orange Pomegranat Juice

(Almost) everyone loves a freshly juiced juice. It’s super yummy, incredibly healthy, can boots your energy and gives you that instant feel-good-feeling of having done something nice for yourself.

The juicing itself on the other hand is far less glamorous and either quite expensive when you buy your drink somewhere, or when you do it yourself it can be, depending on your ingredients, a lot of work and quite messy too – especially the part of cleaning the juicer machine.

And since I’m neither a kitchen goddess nor a cleaning freak, I hated the juicing-part of the juice drinking too. Until I shifted my perspective on and perception of it.

Instead of dreading to clean up the dirty mess of my squeezed out fruits, I learned to accept it as a necessary part on the road to my delicious, nourishing drink. I complete this chore trying to stay detached as much as I can, trying not to get bored or upset or annoyed. Which is harder when your day is packed or you got rather urgent stuff to tend to, but on those days the exercise is even greater, just like its benefits. When things are the most stressful, our mind and system need calming the most. So whenever I feel my thoughts drifting off or I feel myself starting to rush, I try to bring my awareness back to the present moment and the sponge in my hands and just stick with what’s necessary to right here, right now: getting the juicer clean so I can have another healthy juice the next day.

With this, cleaning the juicer becomes the first party of my daily (yoga) routine as my morning ritual of meditation in motion, so to say. And me and my loved one get to feed our bodies with fresh vitamins and healthy fibers every morning – unless we run out of fruit…

My favourite combo at the moment:

3 carrots
1 apple
1 orange
1 pomegranate
bit of ginger

I know that’s probably not the most exciting combination out there, but I try to shop as local as I can and anything that travels further than one continent is not welcome in my kitchen…

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