Free Spirit or Electric Feel // Film Project

Having friends in photography is A M A Z I N G. Without doubt.

Sometimes they make you do crazy stuff like doing yoga in the snowy woods or climbing a peak to overcome your vertigo (thanks, Lele!), and they always make you richer, not only in great shots of yourself but also experience.

So when some of my friends and yoga students asked me to participate in a film project they had to do for their studies, it was clear my answer would be nothing but „hell yes“.

And now I don’t only have a clip of myself doing yoga, but also explaining in my own words what it is and what it means to you. And I know that I can press up into a tripod headstand without falling into a frozen lake…

Enjoy the video above by Eleonora Raggi, Ulrika Rosen, Nathalie Biebl & Shalimar Heppner

Free Spirit or Electric Feel - Yoga or Functional Electrical Stimulation? A little juxtaposition of Yoga and Functional electrical stimulation

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