FREE Patagonia Outdoor Yoga Classes in Munich

August 27th & September 3rd

19:30 @ Fräulein Grüneis

I don’t only love Patagonia for their amazing sustainable and eco-friendly mountain & outdoor gear but also for their commitment to making this world a better place – by letting their employees go surfing whenever they want (kinda) and offering public yoga classes for free! And anyone who has done at least one yoga class in their lives know that yoga turns you into a better person – at least for the 10 mins after class… Who couldn’t possibly want that?

And since summer in Munich has been especially nice this year, the next session will be held outdoors, in the English Garden! We’ll meet at the Fräulein Grüneis Kiosk before heading to our spot. If you’d like to join, simply send an email to register to

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