Surf Yoga from the Alps

Yoga for Surfers - 4 Vashistasana Side Plank Pose - Conny Marshaus Anna Kathalina Langer

Yoga is one of the best means to prepare for yourself for any kind of sports – and I’m not just saying that because I love it so damn much (although that’s true too.) It actually is a great overall preparation and also counters the unwanted side effects your favourite activity may bring, be it boardsports, biking, running or whatever floats your boat. It not only prepares the body, muscles and joints with strengthening and cardio exercises, but also trains the mind to focus, balance, and stay calm in all situations.

And since personal experience is the very best teacher available out there, I’ve put together a little sequence to prepare for surfing last year and now got the chance to display it with a super scenic gallery by my dear friend Conny Marshaus.

Check more of her work on and go to my sequences page to practice!

Photography: Conny Marshaus // Shirt by Om Shanti Yogawear, surf leggings by Roxy

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