Après Ski Yoga – FREE online yoga class

Apres Ski Yoga Anna Kathalina Langer

Even though there is little to no snow in the Alps right now, my „Christmas gift to the world“ this year is my very first online yoga class that you can do in the privacy of your own living room! And since all I want for Xmas is snow, it’s dedicated to something I came to love over the last couple of years:

Après Ski Yoga

meaning instead of winding down after a day on the mountain with a drink in your hand in some horrible bar crowded by people in even more horrible ski underwear, you stretch it out in your very own underwear at home, for which your body will be incredibly thankful for…

Just give it a try, maybe not necessarily on Christmas Day today, or maybe that’s just right…

Outfit: Ninja Suit by Airblaster
Camera & Set Design: Alex Schütte

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