Yogatage Gastein: Atme die Berge 2016 // Review


I adore the mountains and love being anywhere near a huge pile of rocks, but the Gasteiner valley has something special, magical to it. And even though I teaching 2 classes a day for 10 days straight for the Atme die Berge Yogatage was more exhausting than I thought it could be, I took nothing but great memories back.

And since pictures speak louder than words, here are some of my favourites…

After having enjoyed the „hustle & bustle“ in Bad Hofgastein down in the valley in the first year, where the majority of yoga classes and side-events of the Atme die Berge Yogatage took place, I was delighted that in 2016 I got to stay in the far end of the valley, a little further up the mountain. With an epic view into the valley, right from my breakfast table at the Alpine Spa Haus Hirt. 

AtmeDieBerge-BadGastein-HausHirt-AusblickFrühstück AtmeDieBerge-BadGastein-HausHirt-AusblickFrühstück


Haus Hirt is a super-cute Boutique Hotel and Alpine Spa, run as a family business by the lovely Ike & Evelyn Ikrath, who not only maintain an incredible mixture of traditional values and modern vibes, but also manage to give every single one of their guests the feeling that they could not be more welcome and at home here. 


I stayed in one of their spacious Alpenloft bungalows, that is completely made of wood and smells like the forest… A huge window front grants you an amazing view into the valley and the walls are just perfect to work on your handstands! 

Atme Die Berge - Bad Gastein - Haus Hirt - Alpenloft - Handstand - Yoga - Mountainyoga - Alpineyoga

Next to a small yoga room in the spa area of the hotel, Haus Hirt has another location that accommodates bigger classes up to 15-20 minutes: the „Yogastein“ Yoga Pavillon which is a 5-10 minutes walk along the scenic promenade…
Atme Die Berge - Bad Gastein - Haus Hirt - Alpenloft - Handstand - Yoga - Mountainyoga - AlpineyogaAtmeDieBerge-BadGastein-HausHirt-Yogastein-YogaPavillon-Promenade

Next to the daily classes in the light-flooded pavillon with it’s intricate roof-lights, I also got to teach 2 outdoor yoga classes. One at the platform in Gastein, overlooking the waterfall which was quite a challenge for my voice, as the watergates were wide open that night, and at the Annenkapelle („Anna chapel“) in Bad Hofgastein on the very last day, which made for a beautiful round-up and closing of the event…

Atme Die Berge - Stubnerkogel - Bad Gastein - Haus Hirt - Alpenloft - Handstand - Yoga - Mountainyoga - Alpineyoga - Outdooryoga

The Austrian TV station ORF sent the production team of their „Yoga Magazin“ over again, and with finally some sunshine (compared to last year’s rain & snow) we were able to shoot on top of the Stubnerkogel, „yoga on the edge“ on 2000 meters…


Yet my very own personal highlight of the week has go to be the spontaneous shoot with Conny Marshaus in the empty Grand Hotel Europe. One of my first yoga students ever, she came to visit me and enjoy the event with two of her friends. Passionate photographer that she is, she has her camera with her wherever she goes and always walks with her eyes wide open, ready to make use of all the opportunities that pass her way. Like an open door to an epic foyer from a different century…


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