I will be taking a small summer break this year, meaning there will be NO YOGA CLASSES in MUNICH between

August 11th – 28th 2016!

I will be back in the last week of August with the following classes:

Monday, August 29th
19:30h „Kletter-Yoga“ (yoga for climbing“) – 5 weeks course at Patagonia Munich

Tuesday, August 30th:
18:30h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 2 – Schellingstr. 20
20:00h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 1 – Schellingstr. 20

Wednesday, August 31st:
19:30h Surf Yoga – Jahnstr. 42

And in the mean time, use these sequences I prepared to build up your own home practice, or practice virtually with me with one of my yoga video classes!

Yoga Classes In Munich taking a Summer Break 2016 - Photo Mona Shatry Photography

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