Final Class & WINTER BREAK 2016

Faszien Yoga - Myofascial Release Yoga Class - Xmas Yoga - Anna kathalina langer yoga

As every year, I’ll be retreating to my 2nd home to jump around in the Tyrolian Mountains over the holidays, meaning there will be NO YOGA CLASSES in MUNICH between

December 22nd – January 9th 2017!

My last class for 2016 will be a Myofascial Release Class (Faszienyoga) on Wednesday 21st, 7:30pm – a true treat to yourself before the holidays, where you learn how to release tension in your fascia and feel better after long drives to visit family and loved ones…

I will be back mid January with the following classes:

Tuesday, January 10th:
6:30pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Schellingstr. 20
8pm Yin Yoga – Schellingstr. 20

Wednesday, January 11th:
19:30h Detox Yoga – Jahnstr. 42


And in the mean time, use these sequences to build up your own home practice, or practice virtually with me with one of my yoga video classes!

Anna Kathalina Langer Yoga - Snowga - Yoga For Snowboarders - Yoga Snowboard Retreat - Eleonora Raggi Photography

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