For my yoga teaching break over winter this year, I’ve come up with a little „challenge“ to motivate my students to stick with their practice even when there are no yoga classes in Munich.

One Namskar Per Day

If you can, for the whole break between today and January 10th.

Chandra Namaskar (below) is a very gentle, calming flow that is great to do in the evening or on days when you’re low on energy.
Surya Namaskar (above) is a more active, dynamic flow that is great to energize your body & mind in the morning, release stress after a long drive to see your family – or blow off steam after being lazy for too long…

Both videos are less than 10 minutes and show different variations of both flows – feel free to cut short, replay or mix them up as you see fit.

Besides staying healthy, grounded and relaxed, committing to a daily home practice has an amazing side effect: you get to monitor your own progress much more clearly and in much more detail than a weekly group practice ever could. Watch yourself growing stronger and more flexible each day but also watch your thoughts and feelings towards your practice change and fluctuate…

Feel free to share any thoughts or experience with me or the other yogis in our Facebook group and never hesitate to get in touch if you have questions!

Happy Holidays

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