Trusting Your Own Inner Teacher


Teaching in a public space is always a bit special. You don’t know any of the students, their expectations or experience. You can’t base your teaching on facts or pointers you know about the people – you have to be absolutely raw and concentrate purely on what YOU have to give.

I’ve always been very ambitious in everything I’ve ever done (except for sports, funnily enough) and so naturally, when I became a yoga teacher, I was striving to give the very best class and teach in the very best way. Since I can also be quite insecure in myself and with my resources, I tend to check up against a lot of outside factors on what makes a „great class“. Mostly collected and written up by other people, who surely have a lot of experience under their belt and good intentions in mind – their experiences and the intentions of their own mind.

So when I was putting together the sequence and class for the second (big) public gig of my fresh yoga career at the Patagonia Shop in Munich last year, I got freaked out a bit. Looking for the very best poses, exercises and cleansing rituals for my „Spring Energy“ class to detox and clean out the darker season, there was so much contradicting information that I got overwhelmed for a bit.

Until I realized that it doesn’t really matter which Kriya or Mudra I pick – what matters is what I make out of it in my class.

I understood that my class, or what I teach in it, is as much about me as it is about my students.

And so, based on my professional training, my own experience in teaching as well as practicing, and all the input I could gather, I put together what I thought would be a great way to clean up, energize and prepare for Spring.

I talked about my own experience in the class and shared what sparks my motivation and was rewarded with smiles, laughter and thankful students who could relate to what I said.

When I finished that class with my usual closing line, it’s already beautiful meaning expanded even more to me.

Bow in to Yourself, your Body and your own Inner Teacher


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