Sweet Surrender – The Beauty of Yin Yoga


Photo: Mona Shatry

As an action sports enthusiast, I love the dynamic yang energy of Vinyasa Flow, yet the yogi in me also knows about the importance of balance, which over the last couple of years has fostered a profound love for Yin Yoga in me as well.

Yin stands for the more passive, receptive energy and female qualities, that are healing for all of us, no matter the sex. Especially if you live a very „yang“-oriented lifestyle with lots of activity, drive, ambition, energy, and movement, adding a bit of Yin to your yoga and daily routine can work wonders. Not just in your body, where it can help expand your range of motion, flexibility and heal deep blockages, but also soothe your mind, offering you a chance to slow down, take time for yourself and look inwards.

Sitting still, trying to relax into a pose and holding it for several minutes without moving can sometimes be more challenging than powering through a series of Sun Salutations or transitioning from one arm balance to the next. Yet once we found the point of surrender, there’s nothing more delicious than tuning into yourself, fully immersing in your experience.

Sweet Surrender – Intro to Yin Yoga

Wednesday, April 5th 2017
6:15 – 7:45pm

Sahaja Akademie, Fraunhoferstr. 13, Munich (Glockenbach)

In this introductory class, you will learn about the benefits of Yin Yoga for your body, mind & soul and indulge in a juicy flow practice for your whole body. We will use lots of props to adapt the poses for our individual needs and get the best possible effect.

No yoga experience needed! Just a bit of patience and an open mind.

Send me an email if you have any questions and to register your spot!

Yin & Yang Yoga – 6 Weeks Course

Wednesday, April 12th – May 17th, 2017
6:30 – 7:45pm

Sahaja Akademie, Fraunhoferstr. 13, Munich (Glockenbach)

This course of six classes of 75 minutes is designed to balance the Yin & Yang energies with challenging, dynamic flows followed by sweet, calming holds.

Doing the whole course is recommended, but you can also drop-in to single classes whenever your schedule allows. Space is limited so make sure to send me an email if you’d like to reserve your spot!

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