Longboard Classic – The Woodstock of Snowboarding

Longboard Classic 2017 - Starter Field

Neon colours as far as your eyes can see, soul shredders everywhere and good vibes only – the „Woodstock of Snowboarding“ at the Arlberg in Austria is my favourite event of the year.

Nowhere else do you see so much passion, stoke and love for the Sideways Style – in all ages, all types and all kinds of boarders. For now 18 years, Swiss shred legend Paul Gruber is keeping the spirit of the Golden Age of snowboarding alive, when it was not about the most rotations you can spin or the toughest gear you can rock, but simply the incredible amazing feeling of charging down a snowy hill on a board. Any board, really, from brand new powder weapons to old school sticks from back in the days to the masters category that lends the name to the event: longboards of 180cm and more.

Longboard Classic 2017 - Start View

Which are the perfect sticks to brave the infamous backcountry race from the Albona Grat back down into the valley of Stuben, that could give you vertigo if you stare down the first steep, that was almost at a 90° angle this year.  Big respect to everyone going down this hill on the clock, trying to be fastest – every year I’m happy enough to come down in one piece…

Longboard Classic 2017 - Race

Because down in the valley the test area is THE place to be, with BBQ, beer, sunshine and happy faces all around. At some point in the afternoon, all these faces turn towards the event tent, which is open at the rear end to present an Open Air stage for the prize giving that is always led by the legendary Muck Müller, who is a natural born speaker and a treat for the watching crowds. One of my personal highlights is when all kids are asked on stage as it’s truly inspiring to see what happens if kids grow up with the love for snowboarding and brave their first backcountry run at the tender age of 5…

Longboard Classic 2017

Yet the real highlight is the party night, fired up by Mortal Kombat Sound who have an incredible talent to feel and rock the party crowd. With the best of Rock, Reggae, and HipHop, I had one teenage-party after the next flushing past my inner eye, while my legs could simply not stop dancing. And when a whole tent of people is singing Bob Marley’s Could You Beloved on top of their voices so you don’t even realize that the sound is turned down, there is no holding back…

SAVE THE DATE – April 7th, 2018


Longboard Classic 2017 - Test Area

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