Summer in Sweden // Photo Story

SummerInSweden - AlpsideFishing goes North - The Beach

When your boyfriend is a professional fisherman, you spend a lot of time by the water. In all kind of weather conditions, oftentimes.

SummerInSweden - AlpsideFishing goes North - Värnen

So when discussions came up about heading north to explore Sweden, my only conditions were going in Summer time and visiting my friends living up there. And the latter totally worked out and we had a lovely time seeing both of them, August is technically not really „Summer“ any more in Sweden… Which meant a lot less swimming than I expected, which gave camping in the wilderness in its very own flair, yet also a lot less people (especially tourists) which was pretty good for the flair as well…

SummerInSweden - AlpsideFishing - Tenturi Dachzelte in Schweden

Equipped with one of the best means for outdoor exploration I can thing of – the Tenturi roof tent (big thanks again to Kanoa Trading in Innsbruck!!) – we set out on an adventure that stunned yogi and fisher alike. Being able to unfold your home anywhere you park it is simply incredible if you’re enjoy going beyond the beaten path (and have a big cooling box to sustain you on it). If you pair this ability with invaluable tips for secret spots from the locals, you can find paradise, Scandi-style…

SummerInSweden - AlpsideFishing goes North - Värnen


Anna Kathalina Yoga - Warrior 2 - Virabadhrasana 2

SummerInSweden - AlpsideFishing goes North - Värnen

Summer In Sweden - AlpsideFishing goes North - Falun

SummerInSweden - AlpsideFishing goes North - Falun

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