Goodbye Munich – Hello Mountains

Anna Kathalina Yoga - Conny Marshaus Photography

Throw Back from my very first Yoga Shooting in Munich with Conny Marshaus

The Only Constant in Life is Change

This is my favourite teaching in yoga and so eternally true. It has helped me to some phases, situations and transitions in my life and never ever fails.

And so I welcome the lastet big change into my life: a full-time transition from the city to my before part-time home in the mountains. Which has been a dream of mine for a long while and makes me happy every time I look out of the window, yet as another teaching in yoga goes: everything in our dualistic world has two sides. Which means there was also a tear or two in the corner of my eyes yesterday as I drove out of my neighborhood and over the river for the last time (for now).

I was born and raised in the „village-city“ at the foot of the Alps and started my profession as a yoga teacher with some amazing students there, to whom I am and always will be incredibly thankful. For trusting me with their bodies and minds, for showing up every week (or other) and for always bringing such a lovely energy to class. With everything I’m looking forward to in my „new“ life in the mountains, it’s this group of individuals that I will miss the most!

But I hope to see many of them again this side of the ridge one day, for workshops, retreats and yoga holidays in & around Innsbruck (like „Après-Ski Yoga“ starting in December!), that I’m already cooking up! Because letting go of one thing always makes space for something new to be coming in…

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